Evropský pohár v raftingu ve Slovinsku

Slovinský pořadatel posla pozvání a propozice na první Evropský pohár v raftingu na řece Sáva Dolinka ve dnech 6. - 7. května 2006. Závody EP v raftingu jsou přístupné všem raftařům bez rozdílu, registrovaným i neregistrovaným. INVITATION ON

Start and finish: Rafting Center Tinaraft
Date: Saturday, 6. may 2006

9.30 Meeting for team leaders
10.00 Official race opening
10.15 Training (slalom)
11.00 First run (slalom)
12.30 Second run (slalom)
Start interval – 1 min

Start and finish: Rafting Center Tinaraft
Date: Saturday, 6. may 2006

13.45 Time trial (inteval starta sprinta – 1 min)
14.30 start 1. Round Head to Head (1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5)
15.15 start 2. Round Head to Head (1-4, 2-3)
16.00 start 3. Round Head to Head (1-2, 3-4)
17.00 Results and infos about second racing day

DOWNRIVER RACE R6, Rafting centre Tinaraft
Start: Piškovca near Bled
Finish: Bled Bridge
Location: on the river Sava Dolinka
(difficult level:III.)
Date: Saturday, 7. may 2006

09.00 Meeting with leaders and giving start numbers (RC Tinaraft)
10.00 Departure on the start point (Piškovca)
11.00 Downriver race start – rafting (first 6 boats)
11.45 Downriver start – rafting (second 6 boats)
12.30 Downriver start – rafting (third 6 boats)
13.15 Downriver start – rafting (fourth 6 boats)
Start interval – 1 min
14.00 Results and Price giving

15.00 Start slalom miniraft R2 (RC Tinaraft)
16.00 Start sprint miniraft R2 (RC Tinaraft)

16.30 Results in miniraft (sprint and slalom together)

Official boat is Marinar (5m x 2m; fi 48 cm) and is provided for all Teams.

Official timing on Tinaraft Open 2006 will be Timing Mojstrana. Times will be meassured electronically.

Costs for 3 disciplines in Rafting is for Team 75 €.
Costs for 2 disciplines in Mini Rafting is for Team 16 €.

Organizer will prepare cups for the first three teams in each category. In overall category (downriver race, slalom and sprint) organizer will prepare medals and bigest cups.

Women teams will compete at the end of each run. If there are more than thre teams from diferent countries, will the organizer aword them with trophies.

Competitors and attendants who have with them tents and sleeping bags could sleep over free of charge (at rafting centre Tinaraft).

Both racing day is provided 1 warm meal for all Teams, who will register before 1. May by e-mail adress: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.

It is possible to book rooms in Krek Hotel (5 km away). There are avaible 3 bedded romms with breakfast for 100,20 € (33,40 €/person), half board (130 €) and full board (151,20 €).

For more information there is avaible mobile number: GSM + 386 (0) 40-212-798 – Mr. Mauko Brane.

Come and enjoy!

Martin Pirnat

Radovljica, march 2006

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